Raspberry Pi Digital Picture Frame – Part 1 – Setting up the Pi

A guide to setting up a Raspberry Pi digital picture frame and possibly much more. A few months back I dug out my old Raspberry Pi B+ that I had been tucked away in a drawer for nearly two years. I had successfully set it up for retro gaming in the past but once I figured out how to get everything configured, I never used it.  A picture frame however would be a great use of that old Pi and having freshly updated pictures of friends and family showing in the living room would never get old. First off, the “Part 1” listing of this post is because over the past few months my picture frame project has grown into much more than just a frame so I’ve decided to split things up since some of the aspects, if not most, won’t apply to everyone.  In addition, it’s ever growing like any good project should be. If you don’t already have a Pi then obviously buy the newest model, the Raspberry Pi 2.  If you already have one and it’s an older model, it will work fine for use as a simple picture frame.  Setup can be done in less than […]

Raspberry Pi Picture Frame