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Amazon Preparing For Battle


As seen on the front page of Amazon, it looks like Amazon is pretty sure that the new Apple tablet will tied to a phone carrier and starting to defend it’s territory.


RIP Tivo HD #1


After months of having problems getting one of my Tivo HD’s to startup it’s finally dead.  Ran diag’s on the HD and all is well with it.  Took the power supply from the working one and plugged it into the dead one and it’s still not starting up.  The lights on the front flash for a second but the green light does not stay lit like a good Tivo does.  :-)   The fan spins and the hard drive spins up so the only other assumption is that it’s the mobo.

Yesterday I ordered a Moxi DVR to try it vs my trusty Tivo.  Two hours later and I’ve already RMA’d it with Amazon and placed an order for a new Tivo which will be here Friday.

Look for my review of the Moxi DVR shortly…definitely won’t be pretty.

If anyone needs anything from the dead Tivo let me know.  I’ll eventually eBay it since it looks like at least the power supply is good. has it for $99 by itself.

Crazy MacBook Pro


After two hours of AppleCare this evening all we can come up with is some sort of strange hardware problem.  I’ve got a 13″ MacBook Pro with 4 gigs ram and 500 gig 7200k rpm drive.  Somehow after owning it for more than 1/2 a year the trackpad started to erraticly jump all over screen when using it.  The wierd part is that it only happens when it’s running on battery, when it’s plugged in it works perfectly.

The apple tech over the phone had me reboot in safe mode which actually completely solved the problem.  We deleted some cache folders and removed all the startup items and then rebooted normally but the problem still occured.  Next we created a new test user account to see if it was account specific but that still did not fix it.  After speaking with a product specialist they were all stumped and I was too.  It’s not like I have much  installed on my MacBook.  I hardly use it enough to really screw up the OS, at least I hope.  The only solution they offered was to perform a complete erase and install.  Since I keep all of my data on DropBox it’s really not that big of a deal to reformat and start over on any of my computers.  With dropbox and xmarks I can pretty much be up and running with any computer in no time and with little effort.

So after another 30 minutes re-installing Snow Leopard the problem is still happening.  The curser will literally jump a couple inches on the screen spuradicly when moving the mouse.  What a pain.  Luckily through all the calls to AppleCare I never waited on hold for more than 2 minutes….still a pain though.  After the next tech reviewed my case she said the only other thing to do was to bring it in for repair.  So now I have an appointment at 5:20 PM tomorrow at the Apple Store.  Look like I’ll be using my netbook for a while while she’s in the shop.   More to follow about this one.

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